Ethics in Social Work practice

The core of our professional practice are Social Work values and ethics.  Whichever theoretical perspective underpins our practice we must continually be mindful of the Code of Ethics that applies to our jurisdiction; because it also guides us in how we practice.  Here is the link to the Australian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Know where you are at in practice

Knowing what theory you are in is the key to effective practice.  In complex practice it can sometimes be hard to name the theory base you are drawing on right now; this is where being able to critically reflect helps.  By knowing what theory you are in you help your client by providing the best intervention and you help yourself by having a strong framework for practice.

Social Work Values

The AASW Code of Ethics lists the three core Social Work values, Respect for Persons, Social Justice and Professional Integrity.  It is important to keep these crucial values for practice in mind as we go about our work.