Welcome to a website for Social Workers who are interested in practicing from a theoretical base with a critical edge.

As Social Workers we benefit from a discipline that values the “we” and regards each person as an important part of the social world.  Influencing and influenced by the social world in what Marx called a dialectic.  We seek to empower our clients to have human agency in a complex social world.

The social world is changing and people are looking for social structures that are not underpinned by the current economic rationalism that has held sway the past decades.  It is into this changing social world Social Workers can more loudly argue for the “we”.  This is a task for all Social Workers not just those in policy.

Empowerment Praxis is dedicated to this task of creating the “we” with our clients by harnessing the power of Social Work theory for empowering practice.

Kindest Regards

Geraldene Mackay PhD (Health Sciences), BSW(Hons)

Clinical Social Worker; Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers;  Member of the Australian College of  Social Work (Clinical Division); Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

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